Our waterpark

OBS! Vores badeland åbner sidste weekend i Maj og lukker i uge 32

Many children and childlike souls love water and water splashing. At Hummingen Camping there are good opportunities to let the playfulness take control. Our solar heated water park is ready for all summer months, heated to over 20 degrees celsius in sunny weather and with free access to all our customers. No matter whether you live in a tent, caravan or cabin, you can play from morning to evening. The water park has a surface of about a couple of hundred square meters and is equipped with good outdoor areas with sun loungers. There is also a children’s pool, a racetrack, etc. In the water park there is plenty of room for children and adults to play all day long or just have a dip in the heated pool. If you bring the good mood, we help to create the foundation for the perfect vacation with children, grandchildren or good friends.